Academic and Law Review Scholarship

In Harm’s Way: The Desperate Need to Update America’s Free Speech Model, 47 Stetson Law Review 1 (Forthcoming December 2017).

Islam, Christianity, and the History of Religious Persecution of Enslaved Africans, 5 Beytulhikme An International Journal of Philosophy 2 (2015).

America’s Muslim Problem: Anti-Shariah Laws and the Threat to American Civil Rights, 3 C.J.R. 2 (2014).

The Right to Enforce: Why RLUIPA's Land Use Provisions is a Constitutional Federal Enforcement Power, 16 Rich. J. L. & Pub. Int. 267 (2013).

Pakistan's Failed Commitment: How Pakistan's Institutionalized Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 11 Rich. J. Global L. & Bus. 1 (2011).

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